The furniture in your home can have a huge impact on your family’s health.

The health of you and your family is your biggest asset.

It’s your health that will enable you to watch your children grow up, reach their goals, and start families of their own. That means providing your children with healthy food and a loving atmosphere where they can grow up to be confident adults, but it also means providing them with a safe, healthy environment from the very beginning.

Your baby’s crib will be their first home. It’s important to get this piece of furniture just right, but every item of furniture in your home is important. That means choosing something that looks good, will do its job, and stand up to the demands of a young child, but it is especially important to pay attention to exactly what the furniture is made of, as the furniture in your home can have a surprising effect on your health.

The pursuit of perfection at Romina goes beyond appearance, durability, and functionality.


We start the manufacturing process by carefully selecting the healthiest materials Mother Nature has to offer.

Then, using the latest technologies and innovations, we mold those materials into beautiful pieces of furniture that are imbued with our passion and enthusiasm for quality, heirloom pieces of furniture.

There are no magic formulas for creating healthy products other than selecting the healthiest ingredients. At Romina, that means looking no further than what our products are made of. You’ll be thrilled to find out what’s in our furniture, and what’s not in our furniture. Every single raw material that goes into every one of our furniture pieces is chosen carefully to ensure you aren’t inviting something into your home that could negatively affect your family’s health.


GREENGUARD Gold Certified

Most of the toxic chemicals in our lives don’t come from the air we breathe, but from the chemical pollutants that are contained within everyday products.

Studies have shown that indoor air quality is two to five times more polluted than the outdoor environment. It is vital that we all choose what we allow into our homes very carefully, but that’s especially true if you share your home with a child.

All Romina baby cribs, dressers, and other furniture items are GREENGUARD Gold Certified. They are periodically tested in a sealed chamber where we can deduce the chemical composition of our furniture and analyze exactly how it affects air quality. This standard and its rigorous testing process exceeds all mandatory testing procedures, including ASTM, California Proposition 65, and CPSC 16CFR1219.


All Romina furniture is of the highest quality because every component is made with 100-percent solid wood.

We utilize beech trees that are harvested in full compliance with all environmental restrictions, and great care is taken to harvest trees while renewing and preserving nature.

Once harvested, the lumber is processed by expert mill workers who maximize the size and number of boards that can be manufactured from each tree trunk.

Once cut, they are non-chemical steamed and dried to reduce moisture content, in much the same way fire is used to strengthen steel.

Each board continues its journey through many transformations where it is calibrated, grain patterns are evaluated, and each board is cut to size without the use of any chemicals.

We never use particle board, MDF, or any other type of inferior wood products that are frequently used in the manufacturing of budget furniture that is so common in the industry today. Absolutely nothing unnatural is added to Romina wood during the manufacturing process. All our wood is taken from nature to be given to nature’s most precious creation - your baby.


Do your part to save the world by purchasing eco-friendly furniture.



In order to honor the wood that we’ve so painstakingly harvested and milled, we never use paints or stains that contain any components that could be toxic to an infant or an adult. All of our finishes are completely organic, and because all of our furniture is finished the old fashioned way—by hand—there is no need for solvents or chemicals to harden the final layer of lacquer.


All Romina furniture features one of three finishes that can include:

  • Water-based stains
  • Water-based paints with a clear lacquer finish
  • Organic oil washes

All our finishes exceed the standards set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

They are GREENGUARD Certified, and they are periodically tested by UL Independent Laboratories.

At Romina, we think less is more. No phthalates, formaldehyde, lead, and other VOCs mean safer, healthier furniture that doesn’t have that weird odor straight out of the box. It means your furniture won’t negatively affect the air quality in your home either.


Unlike other glue that is commonly used in the making of furniture, our formula does not contain artificial bonding agents or benzene-based solvents, no VOCs, and no formaldehyde.

The sap used in our glue is harvested from resinous tree species. Then, it is diluted, condensed, and liquefied to provide the healthiest, most natural wood glue available.


Organic glues have a longer drying time compared to other formulas, but they have demonstrated superior bond durability, and they are less vulnerable to various environmental conditions when compared to synthetic glues. We believe so strongly in the purity and durability of our organic glue that it is used to manufacture all of our drawer boxes, wood panels, convertible cribs, classic cribs, and all case goods that require an adhesive.


Furniture can look quite beautiful when painted or veneered, and the inside of drawers are covered in fancy paper or fabric.


However, this kind of decorative construction can actually prevent your clothes from breathing properly, in addition to adding unnecessary toxins to the manufacturing process.

All furniture should be allowed some breathing room so your clothing doesn’t smell funky the longer it sits in the drawer, like it often does when you purchase furniture from Sweden’s famous furniture store.

Our furniture is made without any special veneers, papers, or paints. We bring out the beauty in the wood so there’s no need for other finishes, which means your furniture looks good and it’s good for you.


Quality furniture that is built to last.


Good life from day one.