The items you surround yourself with in your home matter.

The environment where you live is extremely important to your health and well-being. It’s especially important to children.

A warm, loving, safe, and comfortable environment can help children grow into happy, healthy adults. That environment includes the emotional atmosphere you provide, but it also includes the objects you surround yourself with.

Many homes are full of budget furniture with very little value. Not only do you deserve to treat yourself to items that will enhance your life, you owe it to your family to surround them with pieces of furniture that are beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. That undoubtedly means choosing hardwood when it’s time to purchase a baby crib, dresser, night stand, or any other item of furniture.


There are a lot of really beautiful pieces of furniture out there, but truly beautiful furniture goes more than paint-deep. It’s all the details in wood that make it stand out from other types of materials.


Nothing can compete with the beauty of wood. It’s lovely in its own right, but it has more character than the synthetic building materials that are available on the market today. Every board has its own character and details that make it unique, which means no two pieces of furniture are exactly alike, just as no two children are exactly alike. As it sits in your home through the years, it will truly become a member of your family.


When you have little ones running around, durability is extremely important.
Unfortunately, most furniture on the market today isn’t up to the task of standing up to curious little hands.


Solid wood furniture isn’t most furniture. It can stand up to anything that’s thrown at it.


Unlike veneered furniture and particle board, you never have to worry about your furniture chipping or peeling.

Wood is also sturdier than other materials, which means pulling down on a drawer or swinging a door open won’t crack or damage the wood, as would definitely be the case with particle board.

When you buy your solid wood furniture from Romina, you’ll enjoy even greater durability. We use German-made hardware that can last for over 70 years. Our top-heavy furniture items include anchoring systems that will ensure your furniture never topples to the floor, while special soft-close systems are installed to be easy on drawers. When other, cheaper furniture brands will need to be covered or replaced after just a few years, Romina solid wood furniture will continue standing proudly in your home.


Budget furniture looks great out of the box, but it can be a real hassle to keep it looking the way it did when you first brought it home. Special finishes require special cleaners that can be expensive. Not to mention, if you get the wrong cleaner, you could end up damaging your furniture.


Romina furniture that is finished with water-based paints and stains only requires a damp rag to keep it clean. Then, simply wipe it with a dry rag to ensure the moisture doesn’t soak into the wood. That’s it!


Maintenance is easy too. You never have to worry about figuring out how you’re going to make repairs because wood isn’t prone to chipping or peeling.

Have an unsightly stain on the top of your nightstand? Or maybe the little one managed to stain your Romina furniture? Even regular use of solid wood furniture can cause it to look a little worn and ramshackle after time. Fortunately, these problems are easy to take care of too.

Wood furniture can quickly and easily be refinished, unlike some veneers that shouldn’t even be painted because the paint will just peel off. Even serious marks, like accidental burns and bumps, can be sanded away before being refinished.


Quality furniture that is built to last.



Getting new furniture can be fun and exciting, but it isn’t easy on your pocketbook. Not to mention, dealing with worn, broken, or damaged furniture every few years when it’s time for a replacement can get tiring. Although solid wood furniture costs more upfront than budget furniture, it will save you in the long run. With the proper care, it will far outlast that other stuff, ultimately saving you money. Not to mention, the really well-made stuff can actually appreciate in value as it transforms from a new piece of artisan furniture into a treasured antique!

Not only is that good for your family, because it means you can spend your hard-earned money on other things over the years, it also means you can leave something wonderful to your children and your grandchildren. Solid wood furniture can last for decades, which means a baby crib or an armoire can become a treasured family heirloom.



Many of the benefits of wood are intuitive. The fact that it’s eco-friendly is not. It’s true that the process can be eco-friendly, but it’s also true that cutting down the trees needed to make the furniture is actually more eco-friendly than using synthetic materials.


It starts with the fact that wood is strong and durable. That means the furniture lasts longer, it stays out of the landfill, and it doesn’t increase the rate of manufacturing like fast-fashion furniture does.


Wood is a renewable resource, and with brands like Romina that plant five trees for every one that is cut down, manufacturing solid wood furniture can actually increase the number of trees in the world.

Solid wood produces little to no waste.

There's no chemical waste like there is with artificial materials, and what little waste that is created can easily be transformed into other items and materials. It can be used to power and heat buildings too. It is wood, after all!

Wood can also be reused and recycled. Old furniture can be refinished, as long as the structure is sturdy, and good wood can be reclaimed and used in other projects. Other materials are simply thrown in the landfill.

Of course, all the benefits of wood can only be had if you do your part to take care of your furniture properly. Click here to learn more about how to care for your Romina furniture so it lasts.


Do your part to save the world by purchasing eco-friendly furniture.



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