Bruno Antico

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Light Brown (Caramel) water-based stain. Multi-step application and a high degree of appearance variation.

Availability: 5-7 business days For Wood Samples only.

Bruno Antico – This is a stained water-based finish which reveals and accentuates the beautiful Beechwood look. Caramel brown and honey hues wrap the wood in classic and warm tones which complement traditional and causal nursery styles. Bruno Antico is also an ideal color choice to complement or tone down very bold or bright colors and it is often used as an accent tone in modern nurseries.

The finish goes through our regular 10 step finish process with staining and sanding down before the final clear coating is applied. Due to the light nature of the color family, a high degree of grain variation is expected.

Wood is a natural material prone to variations and imperfections which cannot be foreseen or prevented. Beech is a high-density straight wood which may vary in color from light blonde to orange or soft red. The grain pattern presents unique features like “bird eye”, “fiddle back” curly lines or light speckles. It is the nature and beauty of solid wood to vary in appearance and characteristics for no two trees are alike. Wood swatches, color samples, pictures or other marketing materials are an accurate, reasonable but not exact representation of the actual furniture and finish you will receive.

Availability: Ships in 2-3 business days.

Safety is Our Priority

Safety is your top priority as a parent. Unfortunately, safety can be difficult to quantify. Instead, it’s much easier to see when safety is lacking, as it means your little one is likely to experience accidents in the home. Keeping a close eye on your child is important, but it is equally as important to create a safe environment with the right furniture.

Hydraulic soft-closing German drawer

Our case items are equipped with the best systems currently available in furniture manufacturing. Our drawer systems are manufactured in Germany and feature a hydraulic soft-closing operation guaranteed for 80,000 cycles or approx. 73 years. We are going further and incorporating the latest and most efficient technologies currently available in furniture making.

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Sandra M.
Most well-made, safe furniture and eco-conscious

I am an environmental engineer, and after extensive research into available nursery furniture brands and collections, I was pleased to find Romina as the most well-made, safe, and eco-conscious furniture line of those I encountered (which were many). I nearly ordered another brand/collection, but was dismayed to find out at the last minute that the collection was manufactured of mahogany, and that the cases included MDF with mahogany veneers.

Verified Buyer
Madeline P.
“Absolutely STUNNING”

We received the furniture today and it is absolutely STUNNING! Thank you soooo much! We are really sooooo in love with it.

Verified Buyer
Zack J.
The best quality solid wood, green guarded

This is not only the best quality solid wood, green guarded, and stylish kids furniture you can buy; but the customer service is outstanding! We had a issue (accident/our fault) with our dresser top and the folks at Romina came up for a great plan for remedy and repair in less than 24 hours.

Verified Buyer
Francesca S.
Thank you

Wow! Baby Bargains said you guys were and excellent company and boy were they right. I will be sure to let them know how great customer service is. Your company is the best I have ever dealt with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Verified Buyer
Joseph F.
The quality of your furniture is unmatched

Let me begin by saying that the quality of your furniture is unmatched by many manufacturers today. As a technology teacher I spend much of my time making furniture and mouldings throughout the course of a day, and I have a profound appreciation for fine craftsmanship. Keep up the good work!

Verified Buyer